We Have To Recognize Our Dependence

We get hungry, so we eat. We are tired so we stop what we are doing and lay down. We miss our friends or family so we connect with them. When gas prices fluctuate we respond positively or negatively because we depend on that fuel to get us where we need to go. When I was growing up I needed my parents. Whether I liked it or not, I depended on them for nearly everything. As I grew I needed my Mom and Dad a bit less but my dependence didn’t decrease: it simply changed focus. I needed my teachers to educate me, police to protect me, the city to produce clean water. We are always dependent. From our basic needs like food and water, to our emotional need for people, touch, conversation and exercise. There isn’t anything in this world that we don’t receive. As you read this sentence you are dependent, every second on your SA node. Your SA node reminds your heart to beat. Our lives dependent on a source to deliver what we need and that source knows what we need or you would not be reading this.

We are dependent on our environment to sustain our life. Without trees, we have no oxygen. Without the sun the precise distance from the earth we would either burn or freeze. We can’t live more than a few days without water, our bodies will literally turn off. Now some of you may not believe in Jesus or the Bible, and that’s cool. That’s where you are right now. I hope you don’t let that deter you from entering into this. This site is designed to peel the scab away and see the issue as it truly is. It’s not complicated, it doesn’t require a deep intellect or a master’s degree. Just that you are human. Nothing healthy, pure and whole in this world is complicated…nothing. It is always simple. We don’t need years of counseling or specialized treatment programs. We need to see what the problem is, realize and accept the solution and experience transformation through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

After severe depression and a suicide attempt in 2011, I was on a van ride to a treatment program in StillWater MN. I was speaking with the driver and he was explaining the program philosophy to me. He spoke about how I would learn about thought and consciousness and a few other things that I defensively blocked as Middle Eastern emptiness. But I do vividly remember the following words very clearly. “When you get there, give it a chance. It will seem way too simple, but it works.” He was right. It was at Cedar Ridge where God gave me awareness of how he designed his children to function, even in a broken world. My heart is for you to learn that he has given us the instruments to orchestrate the life he intended us to live. God has given you one thing you have complete power over…this moment.

Don’t waste it.

We are all in different places in life. Some of you are reading this and just found out you’re going to be a father. Or that you just received that promotion, or praise God, she actually said “yes”. Others of you are in hospitals, just buried you spouse or child, in jail or completely overburdened with life. Whether you’re in a moment of grief or gratitude, for your life to be lived out fully, you must realize that you give yourself nothing. You are not the source of anything. You are a dependent creature with a creator.

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