The Old Farmer

Quiet , the old farmer rises.  That narrow planked floor creaks wide and bends low as he reaches for those old, worn out overalls.  There was a lot to do today.  The land had finally been released from its frozen sleep and there were a hundred and forty acres of open canvas to paint with soy beans, corn and beats.  But he could’t avoid the fact that something pulling at him.  Something stronger than the demands of the field.  Something tougher than the need to sow.  It was a deep…raw ache.  Something so familiar, yet indiscribable.  But he has been around long enough to know that he needed to pay attention to it.

As we walk this path with Christ, we discover new things, we see old things in new light.  We learn that the only way to get more of Christ and less of us is to make more room for HIM.  When our plans, wants, pleasures, fixations and selfishness are alive and well they take up room.  They trespass on the real estate that Christ rightfully purchased.  I am amazed by the foundational strength of my selfishness.  It takes no work, no focus for it to constantly reign strong.  It’s my default mode of operating.  I can’t help it.  When I am not intentionally selfless, I close off more and more room in my life and the more I close the less of Christ I get to experience.

I am paying attention to that deep raw ache today and it’s stripping more of my selfishness away each moment I remain awake to it.  John 3:30 tells us that “He must become greater; I must become less”.  This continually emptying of self is a cost of the renewing of our minds in the pursuit of becoming more like Jesus.

Quest he sits.  The day is fading.  His feet pressed hard on that old, narrow planked floor as he looks back upon the day.  As he slowing releases his feet from floor, the resistance on the planks softens and he realizes that the day he spent walking slowly through the field, simply listening was what was needed to remove that raw ache.  The work that needed to be done was not in the field that day, it was in his soul.  Deep inside, God needed to remove some more of his self planted weeds.  HE was reclaiming HIS real estate.  He was preparing HIS soil for HIS soil for HIS sowing.

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