Hosea 4:12

“A spirit of prostitution leads them astray; they are unfaithful to their God.”


It’s cool today, with clouds overhead.  Late fall brings a stillness that can’t be ignored.  It’s like it’s so unique to the season cycle that it screams “listen to me!”.

We experience that season cycle in our lives as well.  And when stillness comes,   I can only ignore his whispers for so long.  Those early morning whispers.  They are strong but quietly spoken.  I can shelve them, discount them, rationalize around them.  But he is a persistent lover.  He doesn’t give up on even the smallest of things in our lives.

I love the story of Hosea because he pursued his continually unfaithful wife just like God pursues us.  We “whore” ourselves everyday to so many things, yet he continues to find us dirtied in the streets, picks us up, takes us home and loves us like we never left.  When I am wildly aware of my brokeness, I am able to be wildly aware of his chasings.  I still struggle to understand why he loves so much.  How he can’t discount us as mistakes and just start over.  Finally sign the divorce papers and move on.

In the book of Jeremiah we see a cycle.  God describes the great dissasters that will come upon his people.  However, there is always a “but”.  And that “but” is always followed by a call to repentance.  There’s an “out” from the wrath.  We deserve that described desctruction when we are turned from him.  But when we turn back, when our eyes lift slowing from floor to face, we start to see it.  His eyes, deep in love with what he created.  Deep in love with restoring what is broken.  And when he does…we break ourselves all over again.  And just like Hosea, he keeps coming to find us, bloodied and bruised on the streets, wondering how we ended up there again.  It’s almost as if the more times he finds us, the more deeply we know him.  The more we see who he is and why he keeps doing it.  I am unfaithful and I am filled with gratitude that there is one who is faithful.

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