The Symptoms

  • A tendency to see the innocence
  • An ability to see creative solutions
  • A loss of interest in being critical
  • A loss of interest in arguing
  • A loss of the ability to worry
  • Frequent episodes of loving others
  • Connectedness with your friends and family
  • Frequent feelings of encouraging others
  • Seeing the past as the past
  • Having compassion for everyone
  • The ability to see the strengths in others
  • Seeing people as companions, not enemies
  • Always maturing, never growing up
  • Cherishing the present:  When you have one foot in the past and the other in the future, you piss on the present
  • Being comfortable playing second fiddle
  • Feelings of gratitude for everything in life
  • Awakening to the only actionable time: The Present

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