The Design

There is a design to a life well lived in Christ.  When we begin to understand that design and choose to live in it, life becomes a moment-by-moment symphony of unimaginable spiritual, mental and emotional health…truly a “peace that makes no sense”.

Philippians 4:7
And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Consciousness: The ability to be aware or “awake” to life

Thought: The ability to create mental images

Action: The result of thoughts

Relationship: To be truly mentally healthy we need to realize that transformation and healthy functioning is rooted in a relationship with our creator

They Explain:

  • Why our thinking appears so real to us
  • How our experience of life is created moment by moment
  • Why each person thinks and acts differently
  • Why each person has a different view or “filter” of life

When We Understand :

  • We will use our gift of thought to impact our lives and the lives of those around us
  • We will know when to trust and when not to trust our thoughts, feeling and beliefs
  • We can access a healthy mental process at any time, regardless of our circumstances


We were designed to live and function in a certain way. With free will, sin and the lack of that source relationship we all lost that perfect rhythm, that flow and perfect functioning. So we long, we hunt, we consume…why? Because no matter where you are in life, if you are honest and quiet enough you can focus and sense that need…that empty space. That gap is the reason some of us drink to excess, chronically spend money we don’t have, enter relationships that we know are not going to end well, always ensure we introduce ourselves to new people as “Dr.” Anderson in instead of John Anderson, get involved in ten times too many activities and burn out, enjoy being in power simply for the control not the ability to make an impact, eat more than we need to, crave that change. What change? Any change. We stuff our minds with pornography, smoke, exercise more than we need to, look in the mirror for just a bit too long, work long hours and connect our self worth to what we do. Hi I’m John, I’m a lawyer. No your not. Your John, a child of God created amazingly with so much depth, and you happen to make money practicing law. We all suffer from one form addiction or another. We desire to attach or cling to that “thing(s)” that one right job, one right person, one right look, one right decision because then we will be content.

We NEED. Our approach to that is just different from person to person. Alcoholics are sometimes obvious. Sex addicts are in the shadows, pride addicts are rarely self aware of their chains. Those that need to be needed to feel whole can be viewed as purely generous. We do all NEED…we need to come to our creator. It’s God in heaven who sent his only son to bridge the gap between us and him. Until you can come to an honest acceptance of that universal truth, you will always search and attempt to fill, whether your aware of it or not. Atheist alcoholics can get sober and experience better days, a business man who refuses to trust in anything but himself can fall due to pride, get up and attain some humility, but until your life begins to be transformed by the power of the one who created and loves you will always lack your foundation.



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